Eldorado Buses

eldorado busAt Used Bus World, we are known as the premier supplier of used buses, commercial buses and specialty buses of all sizes. We are a worldwide provider of pre-owned gently used school buses of all makes and sizes. We are constantly updating our inventory to be able to offer you the best-used buses around.

If for any reason you do not see a bus that meets your specifications, then give us a call. Our team will do our best to locate a bus that meets your specifications.

Our Eldorado school buses are sure to meet a variety of needs and specifications. Nearly half of all light to medium duty buses in commission today happen to be Eldorado buses. Our Eldorado shuttle buses are ideal for any kind of transit. Whether it is public transit, college transportation or paratransit. The Eldorado bus has the capacity to seat up to 33 passengers with a lightweight steel-reinforced composite structure that is durable. Regardless of your needs and specifications, we have the right Eldorado bus for sale for you.

In addition, our buses come complete with a thorough inspection. When buying from us you can be certain you are in good hands. Our team works to ensure you have the best selection of used buses to choose from. We are fully committed to providing a seamless bus buying experience at affordable prices.

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