Used Short School Buses for Sale

IMG_3375Discover used short school buses for sale at Used Bus World where you will find a wide selection of used mini buses. Our used buses and school mini buses have been quality inspected and come with the best service from an experienced staff.  Contact us to find out more about the important characteristics of a particular vehicle so that you can choose the vehicle that best fits your needs.

A minibus is a motor vehicle for transporting passengers, including more spaces than a conventional car or truck but less space than a bus, and typically has seating capacity of less than 22 seats. Available in two body variants such SRW Cutaway and DRW Cutaway, these vehicles are often repurposed as a camper or passenger vehicle but can also be an affordable vehicle used option to help expand any fleet.

Find a wide variety of different types of used buses that are economically priced.  Our priorities are customer service and making sure that the vehicle you select will surpass your expectations.

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